Dare to be optimistic !

Catherine Testa is a part of the generation of committed entrepreneurs. After working for ten years in the fields of digital and sustainable development, she founded L’Optimisme.com, the first website to promote positive initiatives in France : the societal change imposed by these two revolutions will inevitably involve individual engagement and we must show everyone that we can act!”. The website turned out to be an immediate success: more than 1 million people followed the initiative on various social media networks.

She was soon called upon by Companies to tackle the delicate subject of welfare in the workplace. She founded L’Optimisme.pro,a media and network of companies that are committed to their employees but also to fundamental societal issues. To date, more than 250 companies have put their trust in her.

She has become a reference on these subjects. In 2017, 2018 & 2019, she is among the most influential personalities in France according to LinkedIn!

Catherine Testa is also an author. The books “Osez l’Optimisme!” and “Oser être soi… même au travail” are both best-sellers published by Editions Michel Lafon. Her latest book Synchronicité, published by Editions Michel Lafon in November 2021, is different from other works … Rather than imposing a glance on society, Catherine offers texts “which can come at the right time”.

From Paris to New York where she lived, she now travels the world to speak at conferences and webinars on the notion of optimism in companies and in the society.

During the health crisis, she underlined her commitment by speaking at numerous digital events such as the “Académie du Monde d’Après” along with Marion Cotillard, Juliette Binoche, JeanMarc Jancovici and Aurélien Barreau. She has also published poems that have been read more than 10 million times and shared by many artists…

And the adventure is just starting.


Catherine Testa takes part in major events in France and abroad with the mission of spreading a message to participants: DARE TO BE OPTIMISTIC!

In an effort to avoid naivety, Catherine Testa explains why optimism is necessary in society. Reinventing the professional world, committing to tomorrow’s society, daring to take the plunge: optimism is an essential prerequisitefor any action and any societal change. Catherine Testa demonstrates this in her presentations.

Author, speaker, Influencer, Catherine Testa is also the founder of a company with several offices: her message is part of an everyday reality. Followed by hundreds of thousands of people on various social media networks, her message aims to instil optimism in everyone, which she does in conferences or through her books.


With her atypical profile, Catherine Testa works in intimate frameworks with COMEX as well as in large corporate conventions, with audiences ranging from a dozen participants to several thousand spectators at corporate conventions.

She modulates her flagship conference: “DARE TO BE OPTIMISTIC” according to the audience, sometimes approaching the subject from the angle of innovation, from the angle of commitment, or from the angle of uniqueness

Another subject on which she regularly intervenes: “WHAT PLACE FOR HAPPINESS AT WORK?” Quite far from the clichés, she takes a clear look at trends in France.


Catherine Testa is a regular speaker and moderator at round tables in France and abroad: the most important CEOs trust her understanding of the society of tomorrow. As a committed woman, she intervenes in local authorities as well as in associations, large companies or the Senate to give her vision. Here alongside Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor and Jean-Michel Guillon, Managing Director of Michelin during a conference “Human Capital: a driver of business transformation”.

Would you like to invite Catherine Testa to speak at your company or in the media? You can send an email to rose@loptimisme.com or contact:

Photo avec Muriel Pénicaud, Ministre du travail.
Photo avec Muriel Pénicaud, Ministre du travail.


Catherine Testa